Below you can explore photographs that are divided into  six galleries: exhibitions,  seascapes, nature, people, and eye catchers. 

Photo Gallery 1: "Shades of Blue" Exhibition

Exhibition Description


SHADES OF BLUE, a solo exhibit that first opened at the main gallery of the Oxford, OH, Community Art Center for a six week period, is a group of thirty-six photographs related by their subject matter: an interpretation of the concept of blue. Blue can apply to color, music, emotion, or a state of being, and the photographs all visually convey some one or more dimensions of the idea. That same diversity of meaning is, of course, also expressed in word and song, and to provide the viewer with a wholistic artistic experience, the photographs were interspersed with printed quotations from authors in different disciplines reflecting on the meaning of blue, while a selected list of songs referencing blue played during the exhibit.


Introductory Quotation


“And so, I fell in love with a color-in this case, the color blue- as if falling under a spell, a spell I fought to stay under and get out from under in turns. Well, and what of it? A voluntary delusion you might say. That each blue object could be a kind of burning bush, a secret code meant for a single agent, an X on a map too diffuse ever to be unfolded in its entirety, but that contains the knowable universe. How could all the shreds of blue garbage bags stuck in brambles, or the bright blue tarps over every shanty and fish stand in the world, be, in essence, the fingerprints of God? I will try to explain this.”

Maggie Nelson, Bluets




SONG TITLE                 ARTIST

The Birth of the Blues              Della Reese

Blue Eyes                                  Elton John

Blue                                           LeAnn Rimes

Easy Come, Easy Go Blues       Bessie Smith

Blue Moon                                Rod Stewart

Workin’ Man Blues                   Merle Haggard

Misty Blue                                 Dorothy Moore

Blue Suede Shoes                     Dion

Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain     Willie Nelson

Am I Blue?                                 Billie Holiday

Blue Mountains of Mexico       Ian Tyson

My Blue Heaven                        Leon Redbone

Forever in Blue Jeans               Neil Diamond

Blue                                           Joni Mitchell

Blue Velvet                                Tony Bennett

Blue Skies                                  Ella Fitzgerald

Blue on Blue                             Bobby Vinton

Blue                                           Lucinda Williams

Midnight Blue                           Melissa Manchester

Blue Christmas                         Elvis Presley 

This is a list of the music that was  played during the exhibition.

Sample Quotations


“They said, 'You   have a blue guitar,
 You do not play things as they are.
 The man replied, 'Things as they are  
 Are changed upon the blue guitar.’”

Wallace   Stevens


“Blue is bunting, indigo and quick. Blue is   jay, its chatter like jazz. Blue is grosbeak is bluebird is blackbird turned   sky. The Chisos mountains at dusk are blue. Blue is ghost-like. Twilight.   Deep border blue. Once is the blue moon where panthers dance. Twice is the   blue belly of lizards flashing. Blue waves are heat waves, dervishes in sand.   Blue is the long song of storm clouds gathering with rain.”


Terry Tempest Williams


“Blue   eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day

Blue eyes laughing in the sun
 Laughing in the rain
 Baby’s got blue eyes
 And I am home, I am home again.”


Elton John


“The   blues brings you back into the fold. The blues isn’t about the blues, it’s   about we have all had the blues and we are all in this together.”

Peter Tork


“I was standin' on the side of the road
Rain fallin' on my shoes
Heading out for the east coast
Lord knows I've paid some dues
Gettin' through
Tangled up in blue.”


Bob Dylan


“The inclination of blue to depth is  so strong that its inner appeal is stronger when its shade is deeper. Blue is   the typical heavenly color… The ultimate feeling it creates is one of rest…. When   it sinks almost to black, it echoes a grief that is hardly human… When it   rises towards white, a movement little suited to it, its appeal to men grows   weaker and more distant. In music a light blue is like a flute, a darker blue   a cello; a still darker a thunderous double bass; and the darkest blue of all   — an organ.”

 Wassali Kandinsky

Photo Gallery 2 : Sparks Exhibition



What is a “spark?” I’ve found a variety of definitions. Among them are: a “quality or feeling with latent potential, a seed or a germ” and “a glistening particle, a flash of light.” These words capture what I view as essential to my work as a photographer and what the images presented here have in common.  Each began with my being drawn to a particular quality of light in a scene and sensing that it had the potential to become a print that would express my vision and hopefully impact the minds and hearts of others. My artistic challenge is this: can I realize that potential through the steps of capturing the image, processing the resulting digital file, and thoughtfully printing the final photograph? In each step, I work with the awareness that the power and appeal of the subject is intimately tied to the spark of light that surrounds it. In one sense, the subject matter changes with each photograph: it may be a green leaf in blue water, a woman collecting shells on a deserted beach at sunset,  a fishing pier on a foggy morning, or the flash of a white egret in a drab swamp. But in another sense, the subject matter is always the same: the light, the spark. In every photograph, what is essential is capturing the unique quality of the light at that moment. The photographs I chose for this exhibition are those where I felt I had accomplished that goal. Of course, a final consideration in determining whether they are evocative art is whether some work to spark thoughts and feelings in you, also. I hope they do. 


I wrote this description for the May, 2018, exhibition of my work at the Oxford Community Arts Center in Oxford, OH. The thirty-two  photographs in that exhibit are collected in the Gallery below with their titles underneath. You may scroll through the exhibit by using the forward arrow button to the right of each picture.  I hope you'll take a look and that you find them interesting and thought-provoking. I'd welcome hearing your reactions.